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I didn't like how Firefox got rid of the blink tag, so with the help of Leon I came up with new cooler native HTML tags that are way cooler than blink like shudder.

correction fluid - for the <ins> tag.
expunged text - for the <del> tag.
outline - <outline>
shadow - <shadow>
condense - <condense>
expand - <expand>
blur - <blur>
blurrier - <blurrier>
smear - <smear>
mirror - <mirror>
upside-down - <upsidedown>
blink - CSS-supported <blink>.
fade in-out - <fadein-out>
rumble - <rumble>
shudder - <shudder>
marching ants - <marching-ants>
marching red ants - <marchingred-ants>
sparkle text (MS Office 97) - <sparkle>

Want to use this in your page? Just hot link it to http://terribleideas.neocities.org/badideas.css and use the cool tags above.

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PS. Here's some crazy blink rumble and sparkle with ants at the same time.